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4th Grade

District 57 Families and Staff,


District 57 will be closed Monday, March 16th until Wednesday, April 8th due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). The week of March 23rd through March 27th will remain our spring break and all buildings will continue to be closed. E-learning will begin after spring break.  Click here for E-learning information.

Please click here for more information regarding Covid-19.

Voice Recognition

4th Grade

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4th Grade Root Words

Root Words - Ance, Ence Root Words - Circ, Circum Root Words - Co, Com Root Words - Cred Root Words - Dict
Root Words - Graph Root Words - Ian, Oar Root Words - Inter Root Words - Intra Root Words - Ject
Root Words - Jur, Jus, Jud Root Words - Man Root Words - mis mit Root Words - Ology Root Words - Ped
Root Words - Phobia Root Words - Port Root Words - Port Root Words - Pre Root Words - Scrib, Script
Root Words - Spec Root Words - Sect Root Words - Sub Root Words - Super, Sur Root Words - Trans

4th Grade Social Studies

Northeast CapitalsMidwest CapitalsSoutheast CapitalsSouthwest CapitalsWest Capitals

Northeast Capitals GameSoutheast Capitals GameMidwest Capitals GameWest Capitals GameSouthwest Capitals Game

Social Studies Chapter 1Social Studies Chapter 2 Social Studies Chapter 4Social Studies Chapter 6

Social Studies Chapter 8 Social Studies Chapter 10Social Studies 12

4th Grade Spelling Words

Spelling Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling Unit 1 Week 3 Spelling Unit 1 Week 4 
Spelling Unit 2 Week 1 Spelling Unit 2 Week 2 Spelling Unit 2 Week 3 Spelling Unit 2 Week 4
Spelling Unit 3 Week 1 Spelling Unit 3 Week 2 Spelling Unit 3 Week 3 Spelling Unit 3 Week 4
Spelling Unit 4 Week 1 Spelling Unit 4 Week 2 Spelling Unit 4 Week 3 Spelling Unit 4 Week 4
Spelling Unit 5 Week 1 Spelling Unit 5 Week 2 Spelling Unit 5 Week 3 Spelling Unit 5 Week 4

4th Grade Science Vocabulary

Science Energy Vocabulary  Science Magnetism Vocabulary  Science Soil & Rocks Science Environment Vocabulary

4th Grade Reading Vocabulary

NG Connect U1 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U1 W3-4 Vocabulary NG Connect U2 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U2 W3-4 VocabularyNG Connect U3 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U3 W3-4 Vocabulary

NG Connect U4 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U4 W3-4 VocabularyNG Connect U5 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U5 W3-4 VocabularyNG Connect U6 W1-2 VocabularyNG Connect U6 W3-4 Vocabulary

4th Grade Math

Math Measurement Conversions

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