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District 57 surveys coming soon
Community members will soon be asked to take an online survey about District 57 and the schools. Your input will help shape future decisions, so please be sure to participate! Here's how it will work:

--All households in the District will receive a hard copy of the survey in the mail. The mailed survey will include a postage-paid envelope as well as a web address and access code. Residents can choose to take the survey on paper or online.

--D57 parents also will receive an email with a link and code that can be used to take the survey online. Parents who receive both an email and hard copy of the survey can encourage another adult in their home to take the mailed survey. If needed, additional hard copy surveys can be obtained by contacting the District office. Each code can only be used once.

--Responses are anonymous and will be collected by School Perceptions, a firm that has expertise in conducting community surveys.

We value your opinions on important areas like programs and services, school and staff performance, finances and technology. In fact, your feedback will help guide our work and planning for the next three years. So please be on the lookout for your emailed link and your mailed survey, and participate by the deadline of Oct. 28, 2019. Thank you!