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Home & Hospital Services

Home & Hospital Services

A student is eligible to receive home/hospital services when a licensed medical physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse determines that the child, due to a medical condition, will be unable to attend school, and instead must be instructed at home or in the hospital, for a period of 2 or more consecutive weeks or on an ongoing intermittent basis. An “ongoing intermittent basis” means that the child’s medical condition is of such a nature or severity that it is anticipated that the student will be absent from school due to the medical condition for periods of at least 2 days at a time multiple times during the school year totaling at least 10 days or more of absences. The goal of home/hospital instruction is to afford the student experiences equivalent to those afforded to other students at the same grade level and are designed to enable the student to return to the classroom. When a student qualifies for home/hospital services, the district will provide a maximum of 5 hours of instruction per week.

In order for the District to provide home/hospital services, the following forms must be completed:

  1. Parental Request for home/hospital Instruction (to be completed by the parent/guardian)

  2. Medical Certification for Home/Hospital Instruction (to be completed by the physician)

Completed forms should be submitted to the Director of Student Services. Questions regarding home/hospital instruction should be submitted to Sara Tyburski, Director of Student Services, at 847- 394-7300. 

Home/Hospital Forms

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