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Transportation Information

Spring 2021 Bus Routes

Transportation E-Pay Link

If you will be using transportation services you must pay in order to be routed. Any delays in payment will cause a delay in routing. Please use the link below to pay.

Transportation Information

Transportation Service is Provided by First Student


Transportation Registration

In order for students to receive bus service, all parents or legal guardians must complete the following two step process:


  1. Complete the D57 Transportation Registration Form. This form provides authorization for District 57 to provide transportation for your child by way of the bus company we contract with. Please do not use this form for change requests.

  2. Make payment at the E Pay site. As of June 22, 2021, the payment amount is $450 for all District 57 students for the whole year.

Please note that the bus company we partner with, First Student, requests at least three business days, but no more than five, to route students once registration and payment has been received by the District. First Student has multiple school districts that it services and responds to routing requests in the order they are received.


Bus Stop Change Requests

Please complete the Transportation Change Request Form if you would like to change your child’s current stop to another pre-existing stop that has been determined by our bus partner. This form cannot be used to request a stop that is not already a pre-existing stop. All arrival and departure stops are on the Transportation page. Please use the established routes to find your preferred stop, which you can then enter into the Transportation Change Request Form.

Cancellation of bus service should also be requested through Transportation Change Request Form


Change requests that have to do with Hardship, IEP Accommodation or Safety, will have to go through the following individuals:

                IEP Accommodation:      Sarah Tyburski  ([email protected] )

                Hardship and Safety:      Adam Parisi ([email protected])

Due to the unprecedented times, and the effect this has had on transportation, bus stops have been altered significantly from prior years. We are currently routing only 40% of our typical ridership. Because of this, stops have changed for most families. We will still do everything we can to guarantee bus stops for each rider that are no more than two blocks from home residences, but we cannot change bus stops to prior year locations.

Document safety issue or report observed driver incident:  Bus Incident Form

Otherwise, contact First Student at (847) 635-9877 for issues that require immediate attention or the school front office for bus ridership attendance issues.


Traveling on a school bus is the safest form of transportation for students.  District 57 feels strongly that bus safety is a priority.  Maintaining this high level of safety is a priority and is the responsibility of all students, parents, school staff, bus contractors, and bus drivers.  Students have the right to ride the bus in a safe environment.  NO STUDENT may interfere with this right.


For the safety of students and route efficiencies the transportation service provider will be assigning bus stops.

  • Bus drivers are not independently authorized to make route/stop changes.
  • Families having an alternate address will need to identify a single pick-up address for the arrival route and a single drop-off address for the dismissal route.  The stop for the arrival and dismissal routes can be different; however, the stop must be consistent throughout the entire week.

Notification for Delayed Routes/Buses

First Student is offering a notification system called Bus Bulletin to notify parents/guardians when there are bus delays of approximately 10 minutes or more.  If you would like to receive instant notification when delays or incidents affect your student’s bus, please register with Bus Bulletin at:

Payment Assistance

Fees for transportation service are waived for students who meet the qualifying income eligibility guidelines and verification process pursuant to Board Policy 4:140.  The student fee waiver application must be completed and submitted to the business office within three days of transportation sign-up along with Income Tax Form 1040, W-2 form(s), and all other appropriate documentation.  Students will not be routed for transportation service until the student fee waiver application is completed, submitted, and approved.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring devices that include video cameras and GPS may be used on school buses as necessary to monitor conduct and maintain a safe environment for students and bus drivers.

Bus Passes

To board the bus, a student must be a registered bus rider and have a pass.  Activity bus riders at Lincoln Middle School also require a bus pass to board the bus.


Transportation Contact

Sonali Patil
Accounts Payable/Transportation Specialist

Email Address:

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