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Superintendent's Message

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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

Dr. Elaine Aumiller

A Message from Your Superintendent

August 1st, 2019

As District 57 families enjoy the last three weeks of summer break, construction crews are working feverishly to complete the Fairview expansion, as well as projects at the other schools. I’m pleased to report we are on budget and on schedule, and we expect the majority of the work to be wrapped up by students’ first day back on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Adam Parisi, assistant superintendent for finance and operations, shared this video (link) with the School Board at the July 18th meeting. He gave a tour of each building and the progress that’s been made.

Here are more details regarding the work that’s been done so far and what’s to come:

=         Fairview: If you live in the neighborhood or have driven by, you’ve surely seen how much the building has changed in a few short months. I’ve received many comments from neighbors about how nice the addition looks and how well it matches the original part of the school. As you know, we’ve added four new classrooms, expanded the multipurpose room and added storage in the back of the gym. The windows are now in, and shelving and cubbies have been installed in the classrooms. We’re currently finishing the flooring.

=         Lions Park: We’ve replaced the outdated fire sprinkler system (Fairview sprinklers were replaced last summer), and we have just one more round of testing to complete. We are currently working on rebuilding the courtyard, which had concrete that was sinking, causing crumbling and flooding. The courtyard was originally part of the parking lot project that had to be delayed until next summer. We decided to move forward with the courtyard because it is unaffected by future parking lot work, as well as any potential expansion at Lions Park.

=         Lincoln: We are rebuilding the service delivery ramp and parts of the wall on the north side of the building, to stop water from getting into the school. We are also still working on replacing duct work for the HVAC system and repairing rotted wood and aluminum windowsills. These are essential updates to the aging building.

=         Westbrook: The new bank of swings has been installed. We also expanded the footprint of the playground to accommodate this new equipment and better meet the needs created by expanding enrollment.

I think District 57 families will be so pleased when they see these upgrades to our buildings. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of summer!

Dr. Elaine Aumiller
Superintendent of Schools, Mount Prospect School District 57

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